Ceremony and Reception Agenda

As Unique as Your Special Day

Ceremony and Reception Agenda
  • Easily add events for multicultural events, such as multiple receptions

  • Details are fully customizable – add, edit or delete to your heart's content

  • Maps and directions to and between all relevant locations are generated automatically

  • Music recommendations appear automatically for related events, ceremonial dances, etc.

  • Drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to rearrange your agendas with ease

  • Access permissions are defined by you - choose what vendors can view, edit, etc.

  • Fully integrated with all EventByMe tools

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You've been picturing the big day for months, if not years. It's now time to map out the critical tasks that will flawlessly culminate into your perfect wedding or event! The success of the day hinges on a detailed and accurate agenda.

EventByMe has pooled decades of event-planning experience into ensuring your agenda tools are exactly what you need to plan an exceptional event. In all cases, a comprehensive event agenda is undoubtedly the most valuable weapon in your arsenal.

These tools will do more than save you planning time - they will provide direction to have everyone else at the right place at the right time. Organizing a wedding or a large event with many moving parts without an agenda is like taking a road trip without a map or GPS. Why leave details to chance? Help the multiple parties involved in your wedding or event management team receive the direction they need in a timely, accurate fashion.

Our Ceremony and Reception Agenda tools take the guesswork out of planning your event. Once your type of event has been designated, these tools automatically suggest related agenda items. When you're planning a wedding, your Ceremony Agenda will automatically include a "Prelude" and a "Processional;" and your Reception Agenda will have everything from your "Grand Entrance" to your "Cake."

If your event has more agenda items than automatically supplied, fret not - both tools are fully customizable will accommodate for any cultural customs to be scheduled. You can add additional ceremonies or receptions for multicultural weddings and/or remove any of the standard dances with a few clicks.

Venues selected through our comprehensive database will also automatically supply each location's map and a layout of the corresponding rooms. You can even use EventByMe's unique music-selection tool to select from a list of songs that are specifically recommended for each type of dance.

As with all EventByMe tools, you can add notes and every aspect is editable. Add. Edit. Delete. No problem. Our easy to use tools allow you to rearrange events by simply dragging and dropping within the agenda list. Control who has access to your agenda online and print when complete. If you'd prefer certain registered vendors only seek this information through you, you can set this up easily as well. Employ our Agenda tools as your official "middle men" when communicating with vendors - miscommunication will be one less thing you worry about on your big day.

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