How Not to Stress on Your Wedding

When it comes to the big day, the last thing a bride or groom should be thinking about is something going terribly wrong. We’ve spent months planning, preparing, inviting and probably even fighting to ensure our wedding day not only goes perfect, but stress free.

Lu Curran, a Toronto-based image consultant of Style By Lu says delegating tasks to the people around you is one way to keep your mind jitter-free on the day of your wedding. Sometimes all you may need is an extra hand choosing the right table clothes, picking out flowers and possibly getting your guests organized -- as much as you don’t want them to.

How many of us can’t sleep the night before our wedding day because of butterflies in our stomachs? For most brides, the big day means a bigger night before. Those last minute details, car details and a list of things you need to do in the morning is usually the only thing keeping you awake at night. Curran says this can lead to more jitters the next day.

“Getting the required amount of eight hours per night - especially leading up to the big day is really important in keeping a calm bride and groom,” Curran says.

A lot of the times, when we feel out of place or overwhelmed, people say it’s all in our heads. When you are thinking of everything going wrong on your wedding day - remember you could be over thinking it. Curran suggests going for massages, acupuncture and actually visualizing your day before it happens. You should also remember to keep your weeks leading up to your wedding more positive. Take up a yoga class or de-stress with a warm bath to keep your body itself stress-free.

“The bride and groom have to remember that they are on the same team and approach the entire wedding process with this mindset. Knowing you aren’t alone will help,” Curran says.

But day-of jitters can also happen before the wedding. When you buy your dress, choose your cake or even finalize linens and plates - everything has to feel right in the moment. Curran says the key to tackling these obstacles is creating a list - for everything. “Brainstorm what you want for your big day, this will be your go to list when moving throughout the wedding process. Remember, you can refer back to it to make sure the vision of your day is really turning out to be what you wanted in the first place,” she says.

She also recommends creating a list for the budget (and sticking to it) and creating a check list of your wedding checklist to make planning a bit easier. She also says booking the venue, halls and caterer first, “This will give you peace of mind that you have a spot for the ceremony, food for your guests, and a place to party the night away.”