DIY Weddings on a Budget

When you are planning your dream wedding as a little girl, the cost of that perfect day never plays a factor. When the time comes to actually fulfill that reality, some brides are wondering what they can do on their own to help cut costs. How can you have that dream wedding without the nightmare of the price? We’re going to walk you through the step-by-step process that can help you have the wedding without breaking the bank.

Brides want a fabulous wedding, unique from all others, which people will remember and discuss for years to come. What a better way to do that then to create a wedding with your own two hands?

A new spin on a traditional place card would be to take a photo of the guest to show them where to sit. Every wedding guest will feel special and their photo card will be something they can take home and display. WalMart Photo Center prints photos for $0.20 a print, allowing a bride on a budget to spend $20 for 100 prints. You can create a special picture frame by grabbing some craft supplies and a frame, (dollar stores carry a variety of art supplies – markers and picture frames for around $2) and writing the name of the guest and a special message to them on the back of the photo or the frame. Up to 100 guests can take home a personalized memento from your wedding for under $30!

Whether you are having in indoor or outdoor wedding, if the venue permits, you can use Christmas lights to light up your special day. No matter the colour scheme, you can find Christmas lights to match. These strings of festive lights can be bought at Canadian Tire for as low as $8, or found in your family’s Christmas decoration stash. For an outdoor wedding, string the lights up trees and down the aisle. For indoor weddings, string the lights around the room like streamers, creating a magical, romantic venue. When hanging lights both indoors and outdoors, make sure you abide by all fire and safety regulations.

Brides want a large, elaborate wedding cake, costing anywhere from $300 to $1,000, depending on the amount of guests and the type of cake. This is fine if you have the money to spend, but if you don’t have room in your budget for a wedding cake, make your own. The easiest way to make your own beautiful and delicious cake is to bake a Cupcake Tier Cake. Make enough cupcakes so that every guest can have one, plus a few extras just in case. Purchase a tier cake stand ( has some great deals on tier cake standing starting as low as $25). If you do want a wedding cake professionally made, you can check our list of great cake places you can call.

Another great idea is making your own unique centerpieces. Centerpieces are what everyone sees, what everyone wants to take home, and what everyone talks about while sitting at the table. For many brides, the centerpiece is just as important as the dress, so make your centerpiece better by making it yourself. Dollar stores are a great place to get everything you need for a personalized centerpiece. They carry stones, feathers, shells, flowers, beads and various other things to make your centerpiece great. Grab a vase (also found at many dollar stores for as low as $1 each), pick the look you want your piece to have, and start creating. You can also use flowers grown in your own garden.

If you find yourself pressed for time to do all the things you need to do, ask your wedding party for a hand. Have a decoration making party, and have everyone bring something to help create wonderful items for your special day, You get to spend some time with your friends and your wedding decorations are getting done.