Dress Up Your Shape

For most brides, the wedding dress is the biggest and most important part of how they are viewed on their wedding day. It has to look and fit perfectly, while still offering a level of comfort.

Brides go through extremes to fit into the dress of their dreams. From detoxing and cleansing, to all liquid diets and amped up exercising, just to shed a few inches off their waist. More often than not, the dress they thought they wanted may not be the best dress for their shape.

The first rule when starting to shop for your wedding dress is to know what dress shape is right for your body type. It’s all about dressing up for your shape, rather than trying to fit into a dress that was not made for you. Ask yourself, are you tall, petite, hourglass, full busted, or pear?

Tall beauty brides: You can carry almost any style, from A-line to straight dress to mermaid style. Choices are endless for you tall brides. However, make sure your bouquet is not too big or too small. It has to work proportionately with your body shape.

Pretty petite brides: You look great in a clean-cut dress. Dresses with less fabric can help elongate the body whereas ball gowns or mermaid dresses can be too overwhelming.

Exquisite hourglass brides: A two-piece corset dress will do wonders to enhance your hourglass figure. A dress that accentuates your waist is your best friend, such as ball gowns and corseted bodices. Keep in mind though, the bouquet should not be overwhelming, keep it simple so the focus is on the dress.

Bombshell full-busted brides: Bridal corsets is your best bet. Pay attention to the neckline of your dress. A scoop/square neckline will enhance your bust lines. Stay away from set apart straps as they will shrink your full bust figure. Try out different types of straps to see what works with your stature.

Perfect pear brides: A-line dresses can flatter your hips beautifully. Clean-cut dresses with small detailing will give enough sparkle yet not be too overwhelming. Tight dresses, such as a mermaid style, will make you look too stout and shorten the length of your torso.

Despite the current trend, the most important thing that a bride must remember is that it is HER day. Choose a style that fits your figure and personality comfortably. Remember to be proud of your body and know that there is a dress waiting to worn by you. Don’t be afraid to put a little spin on your dress and rock out on your wedding day. As long as you can manage to show off your beautiful structure and still dance around, you will be on the best-dressed list.


A perfect dress should always be accompanied by the perfect veil and just like a wedding dressm veils come in many different styles. Veils are designed as a symbol of purity, modesty and as legend has it, to ward off evil spirits.

Blusher: Single layer of veil worn over the face

Flyaway: Multi layered veil that sweeps the shoulders

Elbow: An A-line veil ending somewhere between the elbows and the fingertips

Fingertip: Most versatile, usually multilayered that hangs up all the down to the finger tips

Sweep: A veil that hangs down 8-12 inches beyond the gown

Chapel: A veil that extends to the floor. This may be multilayered or blusher veil

Cathedral: A veil that trails 1-3 yards behind the dress