Beautiful Bouquets

If you enjoy buying or growing flowers, then choosing flowers for your wedding will be your favourite part of planning. This is an area where you can let your personality shine through. Designing and ordering the flowers can be time consuming, especially if you are not aware of the current trends or what you are looking for. Taking that into consideration, we have created some simple steps to make choosing wedding flowers an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

First, you should look online and in magazines for various styles, colours, and types of flowers. If you are not someone who is design savvy, try looking up the flowers that are currently in season. Write down your thoughts and ideas, cut out pictures from articles and magazines, and print pictures from the Internet.

Some brides opt to become their own floral designer. Usually they are on a tighter budget or want a very specific look for their wedding. Generally, no matter which route you choose, you should set up a consultation with a local florist to get you started. They will know things such as how long certain flowers will keep, how much water they will need, what temperature you should store them at, and pricing of the different types. Many floral shops offer consultations free of charge but for more in-depth meetings, there may be a fee. Before the consultation, make sure to have the colour scheme for your wedding and bridesmaids dresses chosen in case certain flowers do not come in the colour you have chosen. When attending your consultation, bring all ideas you have collected for your wedding. This will help the florist to specifically cater to your needs. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words.

Florists can give you a custom quote for what you design. Most florists have a range of product to fit the budget you have in mind. They can also provide excellent ideas for how to obtain certain options that do not fit in your budget. It is important to remember that pricing varies from florist to florist. Some factors that influence pricing are the type of flowers, availability at that time in the year, labour involved, added decor such as ribbons or gemstones, and the size of the wedding.

Sam Charbonneau from Freshland Flowers, located in Markham, ON provided The Wedding Planner Magazine with some expert tips on how to save money on flowers at your wedding. “There are many simple ways to save some cash when you have a tight budget or simply want to get the most bang for your buck. Do it yourself projects are one way. If you find vases or fabrics you like, you can order and supply them yourself to the florist and can pick up the flowers from the shop when they are needed instead of having them delivered. Many flowers can be used multiple times. An example would be ceremony arrangements that can be reused at the reception, pew bows can be placed on chairs, and bouquets can be placed artistically on the tables to resemble center pieces.”

At the reception, center pieces can be very simple or very elaborate. Some florists even provide backdrops and chair covers. Most florists set up and take down everything for a nominal cost. This might save you and your bridal party some potential hassles with setting up and cleaning later.

What type of bouquets do brides usually have? “Bridal bouquets are the largest and most elaborate, while the maid of honour’s bouquet is similar but smaller. Bridesmaid’s bouquets are similar to the maid of honor’s bouquet, but again, smaller and less elaborate. You generally use similar color schemes and take a few of the same flowers from the bridal bouquet to tie them all together.” Sam explains.

Often with decor, the attention is on the ladies of the event but it is important not to forget about the men. “For the groom’s boutonniere, you generally use one of the same flowers that will be used in the bridal bouquet. It should differ from the groomsmen’s flower choice for their boutonniere but the groomsmen’s flower should coincide with the colour scheme and flowers of the wedding.”

One bouquet everyone needs to add an element of fun to a wedding is the tossing bouquet. It’s a smaller version of the bridal bouquet and usually it’s not as elaborate since the single ladies of the night usually rip it to shreds. Most florists do not charge for this bouquet since it can be constructed using extra flowers from the other ones.

There are optional flowers for the wedding, including flower girls and ring boys, where something age appropriate should be selected. As well, corsages and boutonnieres for extended family, including parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles can add a nice touch to wedding pictures. They can be very simple and should follow the selected colour scheme.

“Some ways clients splurge on their wedding is for the ceremony flowers. The price ranges depending on how elaborate the design. Pew bows can range from just ribbon to entire floral sprays. Often people decorate the arches of the entrance way to the ceremony and include large alter arrangements”

With these simple things in mind, whatever arrangements or colours you choose for your wedding, they will surely be the right ones when the special day arrives.