1. Getting holiday ready is ALWAYS STRESSFUL!! Don’t forget that it is also supposed to be the most incredible and festive time of the year. So here are a few tips to help get you ready for the season.

  2. 1. DON’T STOP AT THE TREE; CARRY YOUR DECORATIONS THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE. -Use different places to decorate. Hang baubles and balls from the chandelier, or hang mini wreaths in your windows for simple and elegant holiday cheer.

  3. 2. CHOOSING YOU’RE LIGHTS - Consider what kind of lighting you want in the house, using white lights is classic and elegant; where coloured lighting adds fun and whimsy. So look and see what kind of holiday personality you want. If you have children, use pops of colour to add festivity to their holidays.

  4. 3. DIY DECOR - Remember that homemade crafts can do more than create style, they can create memories. Try making your own paper chains or homemade picture frames to hang on your tree or banisters. Adding touches of your own handiwork throughout your decorations makes any home feel jolly and holiday ready.

  5. 4. EASY PARTY DECORATIONS - If you, like so many people have holiday parties or gatherings, use your food as part of your decoration. Try filling a large vase with peppermint balls and marshmallows, hang candy canes throughout your home or simply have a candy table with different vases filled with holiday treats.

  6. 5. ADD SOME FESTIVE SPARKLE - Use metallic ornaments with simple natural greenery to add a nostalgic quaintness to your decorations. Don’t want to buy them? Grab a can of spray paint and reuse some of your old worn ornaments.

  7. 6. POINSETTIAS - Remember poinsettias add a fabulous touch of holiday beauty. Buy a few smaller ones as a centrepiece to enhance any table in your home. Or adorn them at the base of your tree for a unique tree skirt.

  8. 7. COOKIES – Who doesn’t love holiday treats? Cookies are simple and easy to make your home smell and feel ready for guests. Can’t bake? Easy, grab a tube of premade dough and bake them up. It will make it feel like the season is here.
  9. 8. USE DIFFERENT TYPES OF WRAPPING PAPER - Have you a few old boxes laying around? Or are you done your holiday shopping? Why not wrap them up in different wrappings, or tissue paper and make them part of your d?cor, under the tree or in different parts of your home.

  10. 9. PLAN AHEAD - Try to plan out what you want to accomplish with your decorations so you don’t get overwhelmed. Check that your lights work before you put them up. Get your decorations out and take a quick look that you haven’t broken them all. Planning ahead is good prep work to make sure the decorations look as wonderful as you want them to.

  11. 10. DON’T OVERDO IT - remember less is more in most cases. Use your decorations throughout your house wisely. Don’t make it look like National Lampoons made a stop at your house.

  12. Decorate your home the best way that represents you and enjoy it.
    "Hang a stocking with care, pour a hot chocolate and delight in the most ‘wonderful time of the year".