Event Planner vs Event Planning Tool for Corporate Events

Your boss just came to you and told you that you are responsible for organizing this year’s big company event and it is imperative that it is done within the budget he has given to you. You’re new on the job and even though you are feeling nervous as heck about this task you tell your boss "No problem!"

Then slowly, panic starts to set in. You’ve never organized such a large event before. Sure you’ve planned some killer times with your friends; but this is a whole new ball game! What do you do?!! You could slowly rock in the corner and come up with all of the things that could happen to make the event totally suck and imagine yourself lining up at the food bank because you just lost your job. You could run to the nearest watering hole and drown your sorrows. OR you could tap into your inner awesome genius, open up your browser and type in eventbyme.com sign up for a free account and impress the socks off of your boss and colleagues!

Whether you are going to plan the event on your own, within a committee or with a Professional Event Planner, the success of your event depends on a completely integrated and expertly constructed checklist to ensure that your event is planned to perfection right down to the tiniest detail. Using an event planning tool like eventbyme.com will keep all of the details pertaining to the event in one spot!

If you have it in the budget, we recommend that you work with a Professional Event Planner that has the experience to take your vision and execute it to perfection. Your Professional Event Planner can work right alongside with you using all of the tools that eventbyme.com has to offer. One does not have to replace the other. With a state of the art tool, like eventbyme.com, helping you along the way you can’t go wrong! Watch out for announcements on dates for our upcoming Corporate Event Planning Seminars in the New Year.