We are Visual Creatures

Whether someone is planning a Corporate Event, a Wedding or any other type of Special Event. I am willing to put money down and say that they have a vision of what they want their event to look like. We are all visual creatures and there is nothing wrong with that! Am I right or am I right?

When a Host, Wedding Planner or Event Planner is working with a venue, one of the key tools that they need to help plan a successful event is a Venue Floor Plan. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what the room is going to look like for the big day of the event before you step in the room?

Designing a perfect event layout just got a lot easier! Event By Me has come up with a solution to those old boring one dimensional floor plans. They have created a unique 3D Floor Plan Design and are working with many Venues across the Greater Toronto Area to get their Venue Floor Plans into the database.

So why would you want your floor plan to be 3D you might ask? The benefits are endless! With a 3D Floor plan your clients and vendors will see exactly where everything should be without having to make endless trips to the Venue. All variables can be added to a 3D floor plan: Audio Visual/Power Outlets, Tables, Chairs, Dance Floor, the DJ and even details right down to the cake! It makes life a lot simpler when there are no questions or mix ups as to what or who is supposed to go where.

To learn more about our 3D Floor Plans and get your Venue listed to help you book more events, contact us and register for your Vendor Account today!