Perfect Proposals

Proposing can be a daunting task for the man: from picking the ring, to asking for the parent’s permission, to orchestrating the perfect proposal. Girls enjoy proposals that are well planned and customized to them. They like to know their men put an effort into making this moment special. Here’s a tribute to the men who cleverly planned to ask their one and only “The Question”.

Matt and Ginny Make it to the Big Screen

Matt and Ginny’s story was a YouTube sensation and to this day is known as the most creative way to pop the question. On their second date, Matt promised Ginny he was going to make the movies jealous. Matt, the creative little genius he is, got his girlfriend Ginny to the movies where a trailer he created came on the big screen. The trailer was about Matt asking Ginny’s father’s permission to marry her. He bolts to the theater she was currently in and also manages to stop for popcorn before getting to her. While the trailer was playing, Ginny’s reaction was being secretly recorded by her friends and family. Now Matt’s elaborate proposal is the greatest marriage proposal ever and truly made the movies jealous.

The “Will You” through Halo

Talk about going the extra mile. Using his graphic design skills, Moviesign (his username) took his girlfriend to a virtual universe. Moviesign created a Forge map in Halo3 and set up a two-on-two match with his girlfriend of two years. After they started the game, he led his girlfriend to a spot where the question “Marry Me?” was spelled out using weapons.

Proposing on the Subway

Sophia and her boyfriend go into the crowded subway where two strangers began to beat box. Random travelers on the subway began to jump in and sing songs, starting with “Last Christmas” and ending with “Marry Me”. Sophia’s boyfriend gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him in front of a big group of strangers who were cheering him on.

Proposing on School Grounds

Jon preps himself with a guitar and his trusty sidekick to film his girlfriend’s reaction when he surprises her at her college. While Jon’s girlfriend, Brit, was in class he walks into her class and starts singing while Brit tears up. He then asks her to walk up to him as he goes on his knee and asks her to marry him. Not only did he make Brit’s day, but he probably even woke those who were sleeping through the class.

The Starbucks Proposal

Shane had taken his girlfriend Mikaela to Starbucks on their first date. A year later, Shane took her to Starbucks again, except it was a Starbucks recreated in the middle of the woods. Shane had gone all out and personalized everything he could. There was the big black menu board with a picture of the two of them and the same drink and food they had had on their first date. Shane pulls out the ring, goes on one knee and asks Mikaela if he could try to make her the happiest woman on earth. To top it all off, Shane had planned a trip for Mikaela to go to California and visit her friend where her engagement pictures would be taken. It was one of Mikaela’s wishes to have her friend from California take her engagement and wedding pictures.

Proposals are what girls dream about but that does not mean they have to be elaborate. If you are more outgoing, plan it in a public place where you will get a lot of attention. If you are more introverted, a simple intimate proposal would work better for you. And you don’t have to break the bank. There are many DIY ideas such as cooking a meal for her, writing her a poem or love letter, or even making a home video slideshow of pictures of the two of you. At the end of the day, nothing is more special then hearing the word “Yes” out of her mouth, confirming you will be spending the rest of your life with your one true love.