DIY Weddings on a Budget

Even though brides and grooms try to save every penny, they will always want a wedding that reflects their own personalities and taste. Wedding d?cor is a must-have, however, sticking to your budget and getting all you want doesn’t end up working side by side.

We talked to Wedding Planner, Ashley Arvai of The Drake Hotel in Toronto, ON, on what couples spend their money on. “Typically the largest amount is spent on flowers,” she says.

Arvai also recommends staying away from online retailers. “The quality is hard to gauge and I’ve seen so many disappointed by this. There are numerous wholesalers locally who are excellent to visit in person,” she explains. And for her, saving money on wedding favours can also be tasty. “The biggest hits are always edible! Think ‘to go’ packages of cookies, herbed popcorn or mini donuts for the ride home, paired with bottled water (design your own label), and maybe some aspirin for the next a.m.,” she jokes. Here are five easy wedding d?cor ideas you can do yourself. Remember, have fun and plan a DIY party with your best girlfriends!

Wedding Favours:

This is what people will take home with them from your wedding and, years down the road, how they will remember that special night. A quick DIY favour idea is making custom mini potted plants. Go to the dollar store or a local gardening centre to find mini clay pots, in bulk if you can. Next, using soil from your own backyard (or packaged if this is not an option), plant a few seeds. You can choose flowers or vegetables. Wrap your pot with clear wrapping paper and insert a note with your wedding date.

Bridesmaids Bouquet:

If you have multiple bridesmaids, purchasing flowers for everyone can get expensive. We suggest creating DIY bouquets for your bridesmaids. Find a flower wholesaler or even use flowers from your or a friend’s garden. Go to a craft store to find ribbon to hold the stems in place. To add more personality, add their personal gems and jewelry to create a signature look.


The centerpiece is the main focus of every table and guaranteed that will be a topic of conversation. Sometimes, halls come with simple vases and decorations to rent for weddings. To save money, we suggest this fun and unique idea. Search your house for old vases, ask friends and family, and even go to thrift and dollar stores. Next, go on a scavenger hunt in nearby parks and forests to find twigs and pieces of wood. Spray paint the twigs your wedding colours and use string or ribbon to hang pieces of white cardboard. Ask your guests to leave messages on the cardboard to create a fun keepsake from the wedding.

Dessert Table:

Cakes can range between $400 and $1,000, depending on the number of guests you have at your wedding. If you are looking to save money in this department, contact as many bakeries as you can (online and in person). Sometimes, new businesses are more understanding when it comes to pricing, but be aware that you might also be sacrificing quality. Another less expensive option is cupcakes. Bakeries usually sell them for around $4/cupcake but if you know someone with a flair for baking, see if they are willing to make them a day before the wedding. Additionally, you can still stay away from cake and opt for a candy bar. Take large clear vases and fill them with candy and chocolate that you can buy in bulk. Guests can create mini bags for themselves, choosing specifically what they want to eat.

DIY Money Box And Guest Book:

Most brides and grooms would rather take cash compared to boxed gifts. Some people get fancy with their moneybox and guestbook by getting them personalized. This is a trap to get you to spend money. We suggest buying a plain box and guestbook and using paper, ribbons, stencils, and stamps to create the personalized look.

We hope these suggestions will limit stress during your big day, but more importantly, let you personalize and get creative with your own wedding. Remember, feel free to contact a wedding planner at The Drake Hotel and check out their website at