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Wedding Budget
  • All details are 100% customizable

  • Automatic budget breakdown recommendations by category and by event type

  • Fully integrated with all EventByMe tools

  • Customizable payment reminders

  • Accurate payment history

  • Helpful "notes" option for each item

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Our event budget management tool is completely interactive and customizable to help guide you effortlessly through your event's multiple deposits and payments. It provides budget estimates for your event expenses and lets you enter all of your actual event costs so you can track your spending.

We also include a payment tracker to help you stay up-to-date on items that require deposits and multiple payments.

Simply enter your event's budget and watch EventByMe's Budget tool divide it appropriately into each of your event's categories. The tool intuitively assigns larger amounts to your catering and venue expenses and less to your hair and makeup expenses. See how much a host would typically allocate to venues versus vintage veils instantly!

As an added perk, the Budget tool and Checklist tool are automatically integrated, ensuring as you book vendors and agree to their fees, your budget "estimates" transform into "actuals." This is just one more way EventByMe streamlines your event-planning process.

Keeping you on track, the Budget tool also lets you add payments to your list and view your payment history. You can even elect to receive payment reminders when one is coming due. A helpful notes section is also included, so you can easily recall that you "left check with Mary in front office" once all the details begin to blur.

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