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Wedding checklist
  • Built-in vendor directory

  • Advanced filtering process

  • Pre-defined event lists

  • Flexible to-do list allowing you to add, edit or delete tasks

  • Capability to manage vendors and book appointments

  • Fully customizable down to the last detail

  • Capability to add helpful notes throughout

  • Print what you need, when you need it!

  • Tasks may be assigned to different people and you may track their progress

  • Full integration with all EventByMe planning tools!

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Your event's success depends on a completely integrated and expertly constructed checklist. EventByMe offers the most comprehensive "to do" list available on the market for any type of event, whether it be a wedding, corporate function, bar/bat mitzvah or a birthday party. This best-in-class checklist will ensure your event is planned to perfection - down to the tiniest detail.

You'll find everything you need at your fingertips, including our built-in directory, which provides you with a list of the most suitable vendors based on your search criteria. Our advanced filtering process helps you narrow down the potential vendors to only those who meet your criteria AND our pre-screening process. Talk about time-saving!

By automatically detecting what type of event you're planning, EventByMe's Checklist tool provides a comprehensive list of related tasks. Using smart logic, the Checklist tool even prompts the next task in a series when the first is complete.

Completely customizable, you can filter through existing tasks or create some of your own. You can even assign tasks to your support team - let the Maid of Honor own the limo selection - for example. Let our Checklist tool do the work so you can enjoy a few moments of pure delight as you begin to picture your perfect event, not an arduous planning process.

EventByMe also incorporates its cutting-edge directory into the Checklist tool. As you begin to "Select a venue," you can browse a list of pre-screened venues in your desired geographical area and view their proximity to your other event stops such as the bride's home or the church on an interactive map.

When you find vendors you like, you can save their information by adding them to your favourites list and add private notes that only you can see. You may also visit vendor profiles within the EventByMe system to view their location on a map, read other hosts' reviews and/or book an appointment to size them up for yourself.

Your personalized checklist is print-ready during any phase of your event planning. Take it with you as you visit vendors or share copies with your support team.

Get started today with just a few minutes of your time! Enter your event's basic criteria and kick your heels up while our Checklist tool fills your screen with 100 percent customizable, related tasks. And then you can mark "create a checklist" off of your checklist.

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