Playlist Manager

Set the Perfect Tone

Playlist Manager
  • Database can be searched by song title, artist or lyrics

  • Preview audio and/or video for most songs

  • Benefit from online RSVP and song requests

  • Add songs that aren’t on the database with ease

  • Include notes

  • Create "do not play" lists with the same ease and functionality

  • Guests may requests songs online prior to the event, but you make the final call

  • Fully integrated with all EventByMe tools

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Streamlining what can be a tedious process, our Playlist Manager saves you time and frustration as you set the perfect musical atmosphere for your event. Search for your event's musical masterpieces by song title, artist or even lyrics.

Our up-to-date database lets you listen to hundreds of songs instantly and watch related videos! If your sought-after song isn't within our database, you can easily add the pertinent details and ensure it’s included (or not) with a few simple steps. Use the preview feature found on most songs to be sure you have the 1960s version of your mom's favorite song - not Beyonce’s recent remake!

As you begin to frame your event's musical backdrop, you can add preferred songs to one or multiple playlists. Once you’ve added songs to your play or do not play lists, you can add priority numbers and comments or notes. You can ensure your guests dine to classical, but boogie to disco, for example. A special notes section also allows you to let the DJ or band know "this is the bride's favourite" or "my mom needs to be on the floor for this one" with ease. If there are certain songs you'd rather not have played at your event, you can add them to your "do not play" list just as easily.

By flawlessly integrating with the EventByMe website tools, your guests may request songs they'd like to hear at your event. Don't worry – you have full veto power and your guests will never know it was you who squashed "Shout" or muted the "Macarena."

This one-stop-shop pulls comments from your EventByMe photo album and allows you to quickly and easily acknowledge nod-worthy vendors you've been working with.

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