Guestlist & RSVP Manager

Real-time Guest Count at a Glance

  • Guests can RSVP online AND supply their own information

  • Guestlist count is always up-to-date

  • Multiple ways to add guest details

  • Print your guest list and/or address labels automatically

  • Easily adjusted - add, remove or add notes to guests

  • Capture your data for future use by exporting the information to a .CSV file

  • Fully integrated with all EventByMe tools

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Don't spend hour after hour manually adding each guest to your guestlist - unless you want to! When you register with EventByMe, you'll be provided with a unique "token" that your guests can use to register THEMSELVES on the site. You simply send them a unique, short combination of letters and numbers, which they will copy and paste after following a link that you provide. It's then up to them to type in their name, address, food preferences, etc.

Know who is coming to your event in REAL TIME! Let our RSVP Manager crunch the numbers and track your guests, ensuring you always have an accurate headcount that's 100 percent integrated with the other EventByMe tools and features.

Our RSVP tool allows guests to RSVP online and for planners to monitor their guest list with a few simple clicks.

Would you rather do the legwork? No problem! You can add your guests either one-by-one the old-fashioned way or you can upload a spreadsheet containing your guests' information. A sample spreadsheet is provided to help you ensure the information you provide fully aligns with the tool's features. You can easily add and remove guests and see who has confirmed their attendance - without the hassle of looking for that one piece of paper!

By automatically saving, the RSVP tool guarantees you never lose your precious guest list. It will also save your guests' contact information for future use and allow file importing and exporting.

As an added bonus, you can print address labels directly from the RSVP manager and sit back while it intelligently prints a single label for multiple guests within the same household.

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