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Designing a Perfect Event Layout Just Got Easier

3D Floorplan Seating
  • 3D Floor Plans provide a true "feel" of your event

  • Room floor plans are pre-populated for selected venues

  • Floor plans and AV/power details are included when using pre-screened vendors

  • Guests are pre-populated based on your guest list

  • Customizable printing options allow you to print the actual floor plan or a list of who is at which table

  • Place each guest with ease by dragging and dropping

  • Add any special considerations notes, if necessary (VIP, wheelchair, etc.)

  • All variables can be added, edited or deleted (tables, chairs, dance floor, AV outlets, etc.)

  • Fully integrated with all EventByMe tools

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Figuring out which executive should sit next to the guest of honour and if the VIP table is close enough to the stage can be enough to make any event host dread this duty. Luckily, EventByMe now offers an all-inclusive Floor Plan tool that lets you drag and drop all of your event variables (guests, tables, dance floor, and even the cake) with ease.

You'll benefit from the decades of planning experience that were leveraged to create this ultimate seating and floor plan tool. Helping you and your vendors maintain your sanity, this comprehensive tool offers the quickest and easiest way to create and manage your floor plan – turning what could be a stressful and challenging task into a piece of cake.

More than a simple list of table names and numbers, EventByMe's Floor Plan and Seating tool allows you to create different versions of the floor plan with multiple layouts. You can create your own tables and adjust their size and shape to exactly match your venue's available inventory.

The tool allows you to see the exact shape of the room and it even details the AV and power for pre-screened venues. The floor plan and layout appear automatically when you access this feature. Just imagine how many site visits you can eliminate!

Tracking your guests' special considerations is just as easy! As you add each guest to a particular table, you can note whether or not he or she has special considerations, such as being a VIP or requiring room for a wheelchair.

Rename each table to match your event theme as you effortlessly create your dream layout. There simply isn’t a cleaner canvas on which to paint your masterpiece.

When you're done arranging your seating chart, you can print the actual floor plan or an itemized list of who is at which table. You can easily share this information with your vendors after setting up their access permissions. Save yourself some stress and avoid any potential miscommunication by arming your vendors with the tools they need to deliver on your expectations.

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