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Song Suggester
  • Add to playlists with one click

  • Define your search criteria with a few clicks

  • Automatically recommends music matching event type

  • Fully integrated with all EventByMe tools

  • Search by title, artist, lyrics, phrase, word, genre and/or nation or origin

  • Preview most songs immediately by listening and/or watching a video instantly

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Get hours of your life back! Instead of spending endless hours searching the internet for multicultural songs that may or may not have appropriate lyrics, simply check the corresponding options within EventByMe's Song Suggester tool and let the advanced filtering process narrow your results instantly!

Separate from the Playlist Planner tool, the unparalleled Song Suggester tool is accessed from the top toolbar on the overview page.

Simply select your event type and the required elements (bridal party entrance, first dance, etc.) and watch it make instant recommendations. Filter even further by selecting a genre or nation of origin. Lyrics are also included so you can ensure the right message is there for native speakers. You can even view lyrics for songs recorded in languages other than your own. If you know some of the lyrics you're looking for or even a specific word or phrase, Song Suggester will deliver. This time saver is a must-have for multicultural events!

Enjoy some of the same features as the Playlist Manager by viewing song lyrics, watching related videos and adding to your play or do-not-play lists.

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